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Tool box
Tool box

In order to make relocation as easy and stress-free as possible In’pat has developed easy-to-use interactive tools especially designed for the expatriates:

- a portal Over a thousand bilingual web pages bursting with practical information and addressing issues.

- special e-books that you can download on internet. Information about housing, schools, red tapes, life in Paris, health, international associations, shopping and leisure. More than 600 pages of written information.

- an extranet access between the expatriate, his society and In’pat team. This allows a better communication and a total transparency. Everybody can see the whole process of settlement in one tool.

- check-lists and To do lists available on line to help the expatriate to manage his transfer and his settlement. Information and planning that have been written are available anywhere in the world, even when the movers arrive in France or during the period of temporary housing.

- an interactive calendar to plan the movers, formalities of departure, immigration, school registration or any other task that can be personified; doctor’s appointment, holidays etc…

These check-lists and calendars can be printed to simplify logistic aspects.